Heidi Montag: Overdosin' on Spencer Pratt

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Coinciding with tonight's season 4 premiere of The Hills, plastic wannabe singer Heidi Montag has released a new single.

"'Overdosin' is about "when you fall in love with someone... and [you're] like, just overdosing off of their love," the duck-lipped one said.

Shout-Out From Spencer

This must be how she feels about Spencer Pratt. Or at least the money they make whoring themselves out to celebrity photo agencies.

Anyway, here's Heidi Montag's dreadful new single...



yeah, she's clearly meant for that Spencer guy. Yikes.


all of her songs r the same..theres just different lyrics and story...wtf..she's horrible!!


I'm tone deaf, and it still hurt my ears!!!!!!! Who in the US is actually buying her records. Please whatever you do, DON'T send her over here.....................


No likie, dude, he voice is so computerized. I'm not sure if this girl is deaf and blind or what, because she sounds horrible and is so ugly, she looks like a bubble head with a puppet voice


OhMyGod! Firstly what is up with TayTay??!!! Seriously? And also this is probably thee single worst song ive ever heard in my whole life!! I actually got bored listening to it! It was that bad that I stopped playing it. Has she never heard of this thing, its called singing!! You can tell when a person is actually singing coz it sound like their voice. This is just stupid and definately not her at all!


Purrrlease! Heidi is soooo awesome! You people OBVI aren't real critics!


oh my gosh, this is horrible. absolutely, tremendously, awfully, sickly horrible.


She just needs to quit. Don't nobody want to listen to her ass squaking on the radio!!


Hilarious. The white female version of T-Pain. Except, if this is possible, even worse.


Oh, now that's just wrong. There needs to be a "sucky music advisory" warning on that. Dreadful is the nicest thing I can say.


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