Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Hills 4-Life!

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The Hills delivered on its promise of plenty of drama in its fourth season premiere last night - and that's fine with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

In fact, Speidi is game for many, many more seasons of this.

Heidi and Spencer Reflect

“I think that maybe [Lauren Conrad] is tired of being on the show, but we’re just beginning,” Montag told Ryan Seacrest during an interview Monday on his KIIS-FM radio show. “We’re not even remotely sick of it.”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt quickly shot down talk that the MTV reality soap opera would not continue for a fifth season.

Pratt says that even if Hills star Lauren Conrad opts out of a new season, he and Montag would happily take over her narrator duties.

“Sometimes the narrator has to throw their hate up on the wall and pass the mic,” Spencer Pratt said, adding that he wants to get married on live TV. “It’s my favorite show. I love it. The Hills season 10 is what I’m going for.”

This guy is hilarious.

The two are staying plenty busy with other "projects" as well, such as her new single, "Overdosin,'" which debuted yesterday.

“It’s about when you fall in love with someone,” Heidi Montag explained. “[About] how I feel about Spencer and my relationship.”

Check back for our full recap of last night's episode of The Hills - entitled "We'll Never Be Friends" - later this morning.


people who are in love and trust each other and want to get married
say they are going out of town and then show up to a club to spy on their spouse
show up to clubs with playmates talking about how they want to have naked picnics
date their spouses good friend and recycle roses
fly to las vegas and interrupt a business meeting messing up their spouses career
threaten to break up and move on if their spouse doesnt move in
run away to colorado and not talk to their spouse to prove a point
plan a wedding, book a church, order invitation and make other plans just to say they arent ready half way through im mean come on. people will do alot for money. they make alot of money being on the hills and being together, why wouldnt they fake it.


heidi and spencer areee so0o00ooo fukn perthedic.. they shud nOt even be on the show.. if lauren leaves nd them 2 takeee ovaaaaa im not fukin watchin it thtz 4 sureee.. and im telling ya no1 will.. hahhahahha,!!;


plz, no hes an ass, i dont mind her shes just stupid (ovbiously cause she loves him)i mean hes surname sums himself up!!


Heidi, not Heide, sorry.


Nobody is gonna watch a show about Spencer and Heide.
If the are on the hills I fastforward.
Heide, how PLASTIC can you be?

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