Face-Off: Is Miley Cyrus a Virgin?

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We've already debated which young Disney star is the next Miley Cyrus. But for this afternoon's Face-Off, our staff focuses on a different question regarding young starlet. Specifically, whether she's still as pure as we're led to believe...


YES by Hilton Hater

In a world of sex tapes and naked photos, Miley Cyrus is as pure as a fresh snowfall.

The allegedly racy photos of the young singer never depict her in anything less than underwear. That would be considered bundling up for truly promiscuous celebs such as Tila Tequila.

If Miley says she's a virgin, I see no reason to disbelieve her. What proof does anyone have to the contrary? A Vanity Fair photo shoot featuring her covered by a sheet?


Aside from Cyrus' word, let's look at her schedule. She's often on tour. She's the star of her own TV show. When would Miley even have time to find a boyfriend and build up the sort of trust needed to allow him into her precious garden of love?

Miley Cyrus has given us such hit songs as "7 Things" and "See You Again."

The least we can do in return is give her the benefit of the virginal doubt.

NO by Free Britney

Years ago, a fresh-faced teen burst onto the scene with a catchy sound and a clean image, leading us to believe she was saving herself for marriage.

Turns out she gave up her v-card at age 14 to some dude named Reg Jones.

Reg was the first of many, many men to get in Britney Spears' pants. Is Miley Cyrus destined to fall apart and end up under involuntary psychiatric hold like Britney? Probably not. But wake up, people - you're being conned.

"But, Free Britney, she wears a purity ring," you say! Oh, right, how can I forget.

What is this, Lord of the Rings? I hate to break it to you, but other than subversive mind-control over parents who read about it and decide Miley's music is therefore appropriate for their teenagers' ears, said ring has no actual power.

Miley, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are all corporate drones pimped by a cutthroat media conglomerate and the purity ring nonsense is but a Disney company line. It's called marketing. End of story.

But forget these theories. Look at the conduct Miley herself has displayed.

Miley nearly took it all off for Annie Leibovitz - who's heinous - with her father right there! Think Lucas Till can't get in her pants after a few wine coolers and some slow, seductive music while Billy Ray's outta town?


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The supposedly virginal Miley Cyrus in some of her best photos.

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OMG,what the heck happend to her?!I know she is not a little Disney star but,c'mon! It's not a crime to have a picture in bikini but nacked pictures in the hotels?Smoking?
Also,I understand that is she not a virgin...so what? But maybe she really got out of the line.Nasty comments on Twitter like:Am I pregnant or dead?!
Maybe is she tired of all Disney attention,but she dosen't need to be a hore to prove it.What about others?And her videos?At least,if she fail like a star she will always be on the top in the porn industry!


GET A LIFE.If you don't believe what she say, then you may all go to hell and no body will care.I love Miley and that what matters.


For rizzle my gizzle, lil miley cizzle is no virgizzle my nizzle. She sizzled the first drizzle that she foshizzled in this bizzle, you fizzle? My nizzle, quit tryin to hizzle in this bizzle, it's her life, so quitin fizzllin aroun in her affizle, yeaight, son!


Ok, she may or may not be but one things for sure fellas, i'm NOT!


Wtf.. U f****n ppl r so F****n s****d, u thin that b**ch is a f****n virgin!!! Hahaha, yea right, i bet that her f****n first bf Dvirginized her!!!!!


Wtf.. U f****n ppl r so F****n s****d, u thin that b**ch is a f****n virgin!!! Hahaha, yea right, i bet that he f****n first bf Dvirginized her!!!!!


OMG all you people need to mind your business virgin or not it is her life to live how she wants. I bet every one of you don't like being judged by people you don't know so don't judge her. And get a life.


Miley is stupid!i dont know why im even on here


WOW! people still commenting on this post almost 2 and a half years after it's created LMAO PEDOS I know you were searching miley nude pics and this came up


yes she is a virgin. ppl should stfu about her. leave her alone. im not a luver of her, yet im not a hater. its her life. let her do what she wants. i bet none of you know her personally. she can act, and do whatever she wants. let her! its HER life!