Elizabeth Edwards Speaks on Rielle Hunter Affair

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Elizabeth Edwards says husband John Edwards "made a terrible mistake" by having an affair with Rielle Hunter, but coping with the revelation was "oddly made somewhat easier" by her battle with an incurable form of cancer.

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    Elizabeth was so brilliant that she knew in 2006 that John's sex scandal would never be exposed to the public before he was elected president. She is so classy and brave that she could take contributor's money for cheatin' John and know absolutely that folks were helping his campaign that would never be derailed in any way. I really admire Elizabeth. So smart, so cunning, so a wonderful political operator. And no matter how much John lied to her, Elizabeth said that John always has his family waiting for him at home. What a wonderful example to her children. I admire her strength and integrity so much.


    His excuse was her cancer was in remission and she's proud of her husband? Elizabeth sounds like a sweet women, and you have to feel sorry for her, with the stress probably caused by cancer, she can't see why a lying scumbug is.


    Elizabeth is a great, strong woman. She knows that dwelling on the past is not worth it, expescially since she is so ill. No one wants to spend their last days in termoil over the past, and it takes a hell of a woman to forgive and forget and stand by her husband. I also hope that people will leave them alone, so they can focus on their family and what matters the most.


    I agree. Elizabeth is class and her comments were right on target. He made a mistake and he is not trying to make excuses. Who are we to judge? If she is willing to forgive him, it is none of our business. We feel for her because of her illness but illness is hard on a marriage for both people involved, the sick person and the caregiver. As long as he makes peace with God and his family, I hope people do respect HER wishes and leave the alone now. It's over. Move on. I would wish nothing but the best to Elizabeth, pray for good health and a repaired family.


    Elizabeth Edwards is such a classy lady, and I really feel for her and her family. As for John Edwards, if he came clean with his wife about the affair it is not anybody else's business. Of course he didn't initially admit it. Who would?? Who would voluntarily put their family though that in a public forum, especially with Elizabeth's illness. I was glad to see that when he finally made his public admission, Elizabeth was NOT standing next to him like a long suffering wife (ala Eliot Spitzer's wife). At least Edwards got that part right.


    "I am proud of the courage John showed by his honesty in the face of shame" Oh please he is and has always been an egocentric big fat liar!! Sure NOW he is admitting to an affair after he was caught by the tabloid press but for years he has done nothing but LIE LIE LIE!! I feel sorry for his sick wife. When she is dead he will publically admit to being the baby daddy to Hunter's lil bastard.

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