Dwayne Johnson Rocks Relationship with Lauren Hashian

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It may not be relationship news as exciting as that of Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, but former WWE star Dwayne Johnson has a new girlfriend.

The actor formerly known as The Rock - whose divorce was finalized earlier this year - was spotted in Hawaii over the weekend with Lauren Hashian.

If you can take your eyes off Johnson's monstrous tattoo, take a look at the couple below:

Dwayne Johnson, Lauren Hashian

Hulk Hogan has Jennifer McDaniel and The Rock has Lauren Hashian.

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wtf-I'm sorry I only responded to your nasty comment now but hey,better late than never.Ag rubbish "peaches",my comment was meant to tell people like you to mind your own biz.Anyway I'm done defending Dwayne,he's a good person so it's really not necessary.It tears me apart that I can't fight you no more but hey,all good things come to an end eventually,ha ha!! I'll be sure to invite you to our wedding so you can continue doing what you do best,BITCHING.Okay your last turn "Peaches":).


OMG, give me my 9 to 5. There is NO amount of money that is worth this. How humiliating!! Some of you people are just mean.


Dwayne's Future Wife: the tabloids aren't interested in the D-list Hollyweird actor. It would cost me more in gas to drive to their office than they would offer to pay me. Believe me, it's no scoop and I never said it was. And I didn't call you a hypocrite because of your name, I called you one because you chastise people for coming here to comment when you've done the same thing. Just because your comment told us to get a life does not make it exempt from being considered a comment. Isn't it fun to fight with someone over the internet? Makes my day go by so much faster. YOUR TURN PEACHES!!! :)


Dwayne's Future Wife - I don't criticize any poster that doesn't agree with me. YOU told America to get a life, so as an American I responded to you. HYPOCRITE!! Just like "name withheld" is a Dwayne Lover so he felt compelled to respond to me. Word of advice to you, don't assume you know me and that I don't know that Dwayne cheated. You have no idea who I am and what I do and do not know, GOT THAT PEACHES??!!!


WTF-Dwayne like any other human being loves his family so please keep your "family man" comments to yourself,its common descency.Secondly,you're here to critisize anyone who chooses not to believe the "Gossip" coz thats all it is,word of advise-smart people know not to believe everything they read,can't say much for u:).Thirdly,my post name can be anything I choose,at least get that right or are you gonna bitch about that too?."Name Withheld" gave you credit by calling you genius,you're anything but that,"peaches".


Hey name withheld: It's just a smidge hypocritical to come on a blog site and blast people for their comments when you are doing the same thing. Oh and nice spin, but we don't really care about brangelina and aniston or jlo and her hubby or jessica alba. We're here commenting on Dwayne and his whore!! He's a lying, cheating man-whore. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, you almost sound credible. Got that peaches??


Your post name is "Dwayne's Future Wife" and you're telling America to get a life?? You Dwayne lovers kill me. Yep, keep kissing his @ss. Allow his to continue to play the sincere family man and willingly give his fans information about his "personal" life and now that he got caught in a lie we all need to "mind our own business". Whatever.


Stuff happens, relationships break down whatever...at the end of the day he is human just like the rest of us. He's not perfect just like the rest of us. If he's been in a relationship prior to divorce or whatever the case is, its buisness between him and his wife - not public fodder. Would you want your dirty laundry aired out for public view? Most likely not...so why should he or any other celebrity be any different. Get a life and stop bitching over someone else that you have never met or who's life you have absolutely no actual vested interest in. So put down the gossip mags and turn off the internet blogs and read a book or something. And to the last comment, yes, he has been seen in public dunmbass ---look a little harder---and I suppose the fact that he may ACTUALLY be busy working has nothing to do with why you don't see him out in the public eye on a weekly or daily basis...people--


Hey, nonya damn bizness!: Believe me, he and his people are quite aware of these comments. That's why he hasn't been seen in public since his feeble attempt to clean up his image by pimping his daughters' birthday party by inviting the press to take pics of him and his "family" at Universal Orlando. Oh yeah, he knows. I highly doubt official letter writing is needed, but thanks for the info just the same.


We'll see how long Lauren sticks around when the checks stop coming in. Maybe she can join PCD, she's definitely got the voice and the face for it since Nicole is basically the entire group anyway.