Dwayne Johnson Rocks Relationship with Lauren Hashian

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It may not be relationship news as exciting as that of Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, but former WWE star Dwayne Johnson has a new girlfriend.

The actor formerly known as The Rock - whose divorce was finalized earlier this year - was spotted in Hawaii over the weekend with Lauren Hashian.

If you can take your eyes off Johnson's monstrous tattoo, take a look at the couple below:

Dwayne Johnson, Lauren Hashian

Hulk Hogan has Jennifer McDaniel and The Rock has Lauren Hashian.

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Hello!I stopped on this page for curiosity.Dwayne Johnson happens to be my favorite actor.And still my curiosity made me read these messages and I can't help myself but say that I'm really disappointed of what i have read. I am a married woman, and I love my husband more than anything in this world, but if he would ever cheat on me, I wouldn't think twice and do the same as Dany did. Family is based on trust...if there is no trust, than there is no family. Dany, you did the right thing, good for you. And Mr Johnshon, if you really wanted to be with someone else , it would have been more fair to your family and to yourself to end up the marriage first, and then go with whoever you want. I will end this here, it's for the best. I wish to this story a happy end!
All the best!


If he is anything like I see in certain realms;he may not be able to really commit to anyone. The lord has alot of callings for everyone. He may not publicly date alot of sisters but do believe that every chance that he can get to protect us from certain things, he really does. He does not ask for no special thanks or special praise. He does these things because he is a christian. He is not alone. There are alot more people in hollywood that does the same. I wish him the best in everything that he does. No one is perfect but always try to grow in Christ the best way that you can. The best relationship that you should try to have each day of your life is with Jesus. This relationship will get you th!rough everything. Even things that you have no idea that you could possibly continue to survive


people people this is the norm for the hollywood world i do not know why people act like the same shit is not happening in your world somewere.not saying you are doing durgs ,cheating on the one you love, killing dogs,playing with lil boys booties holes,and last but not least surrounding themself with Ak47s and other illegal weapons.i think i cover somewhat all the bases, STOP placing these superstar or whatever you want to call them on this level to were they can not do anything wrong.if you do that you might just get on with bettering your our life and not worry about whos fucking who.shhhhhit i got bills of my own and kids to take care of, could care less if Rock fucks half of Hollywood.........ya digg.


Everyone is entitleds to happiness and if Dwayne has chosen to be single and happy, so be it.


i was at that hotel and i saw them


I have to say Dwayne you did let me down. I
am a sexy black woman and why did you go for
someone like her. She is with you because you
look good and you make alot of money watch your
wallet and bank account. Too many scandless people
in this world (Lauren) WAKE UP AND SMELL WHAT'S COOKING
I love you and I wish you the best of luck. Make the right


Well we will never know what really happen in there
marriage just here say from fans. Now What Dwayne
says to the public is another, about him being single.
Truth of the matter is if he is hidding this relationship
with Lauren he doesn't love her at all.




Funny how women are always to blame for cheating men?I don't agree with blaming this Lauren chick for the marriage falling apart.Yes it goes without saying that it's wrong to be with a married person but if Dwayne cheated,he is to blame not Lauren.Lauren isn't married so therefor she can date whomever she wants,the married one is the one who's supposed to hold it.The marriage probably started falling apart long before Lauren came into the picture.The truth is you cannot expect someone else to respect your marriage if you don't yourself.But either way,it really isn't any of our concern.


It doesn't matter how you respond to this... truth hurts! and ya hate it. all there is to it. people are jealous and pathetic and simple-minded and gullible and cynical and idiotic and CRAZY. anyone and everyone who believes what's written in a GOSSIP's column, THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE! one more thing, wtf - MEANING WHAT?!?!?! u were married to dj? u know dj personally? u work with him? WHAT?!?!?!?! WHAT IS IT THAT MEANS THAT YOU """"""""" KNOW """"""""" DJ CHEATED? imposters are pathetic, remember that sweetheart!