Dwayne Johnson Rocks Relationship with Lauren Hashian

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It may not be relationship news as exciting as that of Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, but former WWE star Dwayne Johnson has a new girlfriend.

The actor formerly known as The Rock - whose divorce was finalized earlier this year - was spotted in Hawaii over the weekend with Lauren Hashian.

If you can take your eyes off Johnson's monstrous tattoo, take a look at the couple below:

Dwayne Johnson, Lauren Hashian

Hulk Hogan has Jennifer McDaniel and The Rock has Lauren Hashian.

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saw this: @ TheRock so that's the girl tht starts all that hate mess to @ItsDubs over you! You pick @msotres? Rock man you crazy as hell thts a kid

@ cee456



What happened to the pervious post?

@ Ben

What saddens me is the fact that this has to be about race. His ex wife wasnt black she has spanish heritage...why is it tht blacc women feal the need to be upset when a sucessful man of color choses to date out side his race. It is his choice. Not to say im sucessful but if i had only dated my race I would have the wonderful partner and great child that i have now...oh and he is not black he is by definition mulato. A perfect blend of balcc and white. I will not rob his mother of her heritage to feed my own ego...my son is both of us. Let him be happy for that is the truest meaning of love...it has no color line. If it did then i guess my God didnt get tht memo.

@ Brandon

Omg.... Y the political race color rally just because the man is dating somebody different from him? Take a look at them. Theyre laughing and smiling with each other. They look happy! They dont look like theyre thinking about skin color. Stop being hateful and let them be!

@ Libby

He's Samoan. To be exact he's Canadian & Samoan..


leave them alone, whatever colour she is all that matters is that they are happy. stop hating because she' white who cares in this millenium. Furthermore If Dwayne chooses to identify as "other" that his his perogative and none of your business.


Lauren is a wonderful, beautiful person inside and out. Black, white, hispanic, asian.....whatever.... let's get over the racial bitterness, and move on to more important issues in life like war, hunger, disease......... Just saying




This be the first time i comment on this site, but i reckon he should try dating Samoan girls, maybe he will forever be with that girl....By the way I'm Samoan myself and i love Dwayne.


now as for the person posing on here as dany,I don't believe for one second you were ever her.My discernment is too acutely sharp for that and secondly, Dany just by hearing and seeing her speak,is highly intelligent and articulate and would'nt type or speak a word without spellcheck,She's a college graduate of U-of-Miami,with a degree in finance and business.So be yourself and not a poor misrepresentation of Dwayne's ex.Pathetic...


i just read this gossip page some people need to get a life if u belive everything u hear then so be it but only the two of them no what went on best of luck to the dwayne and dany and as long as they do whats right for simone its there biss.GOD BLESS AND BEST OF LUCK