Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster, Son Leave Hospital

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Former American Idol finalist Clay Aiken was seen cradling his newborn son, Parker Foster Aiken, as he left Durham (N.C.) Regional Hospital.

The parents of baby Parker Foster Aiken, along with Clay's mother, rode off to his family home in the North Carolina countryside. How sweet.

Here's Clay carrying Parker, who was born Friday (8/8/08) ...

Parker Foster Aiken

Click to enlarge these additional photos of Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster, 50, his best friend and former producer, who was first carted out of the medical facility in a wheelchair but climbed into Clay's SUV under her own power...

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Love the pictures of Clay and Faye. Especially the first one. So Happy Mother's Day to Faye, and Jaymes as she is the moethr of Clay's son. To everyone else who is a moethr Have a wonderful day!!!


In response to Claylover, First of all, who'd lie about being 50? I don't know Jaymes, but I'd never wish her dead, for God sakes! A beautiful baby has been born and even though he's not ours, it's still wonderful. I also don't know the personal details of the relationship and I don't want to know. You act like you know everything about them!


Claylover - don't you think you are! It is great to see a happy family leaving to start their new life. And Jaymes did leave the hospital in a wheelchair. Clay just took his son to the car.


claylover says....a whole mouthful of.........c**p...and...just manages to show how young and jealous she is. In the meantime, one has to admit..yes, Jaymes looks pretty good for 50 years old, eh? Maybe that's why she and that other 'older' woman, Demi, have good looking 'not-yet-thirty' fellows standing beside them. It takes a smart and savvy young guy to realize when to choose a 'standout' older woman. Congratulations Jaymes and Clay!Parker chose the right parents.


good lord you guys are nuts. He looks like a creepy guy and she looks like an old lady that is a claymate..Just too weird for me...yuch.


These pictures are PRICELESS, thanks Hollywood gosspip for posting them. So happy for Clay and Jamyes. This child will be loved. May God Bless them all.


So glad to see the proud papa carrying his bambino. Parker is a very lucky baby with two exceptionally loving and talented parents.


Congratulations to the happy parents, but it sure doesn't look as if Jaymes needs to be "carted" out. It's hospital procedure that exiting patients from surgery, even minor procedures leave in a wheelchair to protect the hospital from being sued.