Celebrity Hair Affair: Tyra Banks

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Wait, Tyra Banks tells aspiring beauties how to look good on America's Next Top Model?!?

Based on the new, crimped out hairstyle on the self-absorbed talk show host, we really hope reality TV contestants ignore her advice. Banks obviously has no clue what she's talking about.

Masked Model

What do you think of Tyra Banks and her scary new 'do?


This is just aweful,


tyra looks nice!!! i love her


I think it's absolutely adorable. Stop hating you friggen idiots!!!!


ahhhhhhhhhh! did she do that hairstyle 4 halloween?


tyra hair look beautiful.....with all the different hair colors


Tyra's hairstyle is not that much bad...


Tyra is a Goddess.


tyraur hair style is popping


Boo is right it looks like her hair is for her costume but maybe its just tyra being different and I love the cute little baby hairs!


Well it kind of looks like she's in some sort of costume. Maybe that's what the hair's about...no?

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Tyra Banks Biography

Tyra Banks Then and Now
Tyra Banks is a wanna-be Oprah. She's very pretty, but also self-important and obsessed with herself. The poor woman's Oprah Winfrey is... More »
Inglewood, California
Full Name
Tyra Lynne Banks

Tyra Banks Quotes

She is a 15-year-old, and I just wish everybody would leave her alone!

Tyra Banks [on Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos]

Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama.

Tyra Banks