Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez

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They may have appeared to be friends at this year's Teen Choice Awards, but we refuse to let the Miley Cyrus versus Selena Gomez feud die.

Therefore, we've pitted the Disney stars against one another.

Compare each of their outfits at the aformentioned event now and let us know: Who looks better?

Choose your favorite fashionable female: Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

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selenas dress and sheos and ring and eyerings and braslet is way better than mileys trashy look!! :)


Miley's legs are nicer than Selenas !
But neither Selena yet Mileys Shoes are fit like the Dress ♥


Oh, come awn, is there really even a contest here? SELENA ALL THE WAY, DUH! She looks adorable without trying too hard and stands out, but isn't all out there. Miley's outfit is just like a loose-fitting potato sacks with rhines as the shoes. Selena, you're gorgeous, hun bun.


dude miley all the wayy selena just.............trying to har and dont even look good


I think Selener look better...


they both look awesome just totaly different


hey selena u d best
hannah is also gud but she cant b better than u


SeLeNaaa sin dudarlo se ve mucho mejor en esta fot aun se puede discutirlo pero buscad otras millones de fotos y vereis a quien se ve mejor!para mi SeLena sin dudarlo


For this i think Miley looks cuter but for Selena i choose her all the way!! She can look cute with out being to out there she is simple and mixes things together that you wouldnt think to put together


Selena is better than Miley. Those boots of Miley look very strange..