Britney Spears Keeps the Kids Close

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Not in person, of course. She's got Kevin Federline taking care of them six days a week and a team of nannies and assistants to cover the seventh day.

But when it comes to fashion, and sending a good message to the media, she is all about showing the love for Sean Preston and Jayden James.

While shopping recently on Robertson Blvd in L.A., Britney was seen wearing a necklace reading "Jayden" on one side and "Preston" on the other.

Jayden Preston

It's good to see Britney still has so much love for the kids. Now if we could just get her to quit with the damn smoking, we'd be in business.

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hi i like your little kids and i think you are a great singer and my favirite film is cross roads what you where in i loved it i have got it on dvd and i watch it over and over again me and my friend do that drinking thing what you did with kate and you did it after you where dancing so now me and my friend do it every time we have a drink and if you have msn could you add me and tell me your email


hi sister lol i think ur kids are so cute i love your film crossroads it is awsome u were really good in it umm i am a really big fan of u and if you have msn add me plz


I'd love to see it if Britney quit smoking. Doug
Smoke Free Life Newsletter


C'mon Brit! What hapened to you?
I used to look up to you
please get some help for your health & looks


I don't understand. Even Madonna has better fashion sense for your age, than you do Britney. Pick up a fashion mag or something. Gawd.


wow brit brit looks like you need to stay away from the twinkies. Please look like your regular self again and lose about 75 pounds. your starting to get on the chubby side there.