Bernie Mac Not Dead, But in Critical Condition

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Comedian Bernie Mac is in "very, very critical" condition at a Chicago hospital but is still fighting, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The revelation came after the comic's publicist told the media Saturday afternoon that she had received multiple calls from news outlets regarding the "absolutely untrue" rumors that Bernie Mac is dead.

"It is a very horrible rumor," publicist Danica Smith said. "It is absolutely untrue. Nothing has changed from yesterday."

The 50-year-old Chicago resident's hospitalization was reported Friday. Bernie was admitted for pneumonia but was responding well to treatment, and word was that he should be released soon. Here's hoping that takes place.

His publicist said the pneumonia is unrelated to Bernie Mac's sarcoidosis, a chronic disease that can inflame tissue, particularly in the lungs.

Mac's sarcoidosis has been in remission since 2005. His wife, Rhonda McCullough, has been with him at the hospital. Get well, Bernie.


this comment was not written by diane nor cachet, so please remove as a comment we have made thank you.


I am prayerful that bernie is still alive, and even more hopeful that his fight be not in vain, he has a lot of teaching still to do, there were alot of hearts that he touched, with his style, with his words, and even with this current illness. I pray for his family and for bernie mac they are going through some difficult moments, brother mac fight to live, fight to come back from this illness to be a better husband, father and friend, fight mac becuaes you only have toch the surface to what you can do, fight to raise the bar as a roll model, live mac to see what you were called to do.
be bless brother.


Dear Bernie Mac, I want u to know u are so loved, My dauther and pray for your health and full recovery, I am truly a great fan of yours. Love u from a full circle of my heart. get well, Diane & Cachet Lamar Nurse


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