Another Rumored Shake-Up on The View

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What panel member on The View does Barbara Walters consider more of a nuisance than Star Jones and Rosie O'Donnell?

The answer might surprise you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Read on to find out...

According to typically unreliable source The National Enquirer, Walters has referred to Sherri Shepherd as a “loose cannon” and wants the comedian off the show.

That's what happens, Sherri, when you say you've "had more abortions than I would like to count."

Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd

“Barbara has had it with her,” said an insider. “She’s dumbfounded by the stupid things that keep coming out of Sherri’s mouth… Barbara thinks Sherri has become far worse of a problem than Star Jones and Rosie O’Donnell when they were on the show - and that’s saying a lot!”

That sure is saying a lot.

Do you wanna see Sherri Shepherd off The View?


These women remind me of the in crowd in High School. If you're a member your opinion means something, but if you're an outsider,like Elisabeth Hasselback, your opinion means nil, even if your opinion is valid. Look, I'm a long time Democrat, but none of the people running for president float my boat. Obama, comes from the Daily Machine in Chicago. where it is often said "Vote Early and Vote Often". And bill ayers, lower case intensional, said after the 9-11 bombing was not repentitent and wished he'd have planted more bombs. I don't want him teaching my child with me paying his salary with my taxes. It amazes me that people like him don't have the balls to face me one on one. I live in Hawaii mr. ayers come visit coward.


That would be it for me. I would never watch The View again. Sherry is by far the most funny, along with Whoopi. She speaks from the heart and does not edit herself and that in itself is refreshing. And as far as I can tell she is the only one on the show that has no pesonal agenda. I hope it's not true and it's that ridiculous HASSELBACK that will be leaving. You go Sherry!


no I don't want to see sheri go, she's not that bad. The worst ever is Elizabeth, I find her more annoying than Star Jones was. She never shuts up and thinks she knows everthing.She should've been gone not Rosie. Just my opinion and we are all entitled. s


Meh, who cares- does anyone even watch that show anymore? I pretty much find them ALL to be annoying! Sherri doesn't seem to be any worse than the rest.

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