Barack Obama Brings Celebrity Gossip Rivals Together

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Barack Obama is a uniter.

Forget Reublicans, Democrats and Independents. Obama has brought together a pair of celebrity gossip rivals.

The feud between The Hollywood Gossip staff and fellow blogger Perez Hilton is well-documented - but we can look past Hilton's immature, uncreative postings in order to unite behind the common cause of electing Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.

Perez's shirt says it all.

Can The Hollywood Gossip look past our disagreements with Perez Hilton in order to encourage young voters to elect Barack Obama? YES WE CAN!


Usually look at TMZ...It appears this websight is all about YOU!!!! Oh Well....


THAT IS PURE CRAP! This is soooo much better than Perez Hilton! Firstly he's got to be a homophobe or something and he is stupid and immature. Secondly there isnt much to do about the same posts!! Its all the same gossip you loser!! So that proves that you must be dumb. You say you don't know many people who read this.....I must be confused do you know EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the whole world?! No so you don't know if people go on it or not!! Loser!


the only reason you have a feud with perez is because you instigate it out of jealousy.
it's funny how you constantly rip on him, yet he's never even mentioned you. he probably has never even seen your blog - honestly, i dont know very many people who read this compared to perez's popularity.
its obvious that you're jealous & catty, so grow up.
everyone knows you copy all of his posts anyway... we're not dumb. we notice how you write the same story as him an hour or so later, changing a few words or pictures.

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