Aubrey O'Day: Repeat Fashion Police Offender

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Aubrey O'Day recently claimed she might be a lesbian.

That remains questionable.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

But this much is certain: the Danity Kane singer is a fashion disaster. Here's her latest creation:


Hey TRASH!!! Did u ever thing u were Garbage? Tust HUNNY, I really think u must have, beacsue u look the part! Why is that? U probably like SKANK ASS DAWN!!! I bet that why, beacsue ur ass is a SKank as well! Skanks can smell EACHOTHER! Get a life and get a hat beacsue what ur wearing went out years ago! I am sure u know that however! U look like u 55 and a mad SKANK!!! CIRC1984 Looks like he should be paying people to sleep with him, rATHER THAN HOOKING UP! uR A DIRT DIRT!!! Talk To U L8R SKANKY~SKANK!!!v AUBREY IS HOT! Im sure u love missy DAWN the Biggest Trouble Maker of D.K Or should I say Dawn the TRANNY is TROUBLE! SEE YA SKANKY SKANK!!!


she looks like a slut.... but i love her boot=]

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