At Play: Charlie Hill and Linda Hogan

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A role model, she is not.

It's bad enough that Linda Hogan is dating 19-year old Charlie Hill - a former classmate of her son, Nick - but now Hulk's ex-wife is flaunting the relationship as though she and her young boy toy were Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

Below, the couple plays around for the camera, pretending to be oblivious to the celebrity gossip photographers around them. The former career of Linda's ex-husband was more real than this staged photo...

Charlie Hill and Linda Hogan

Do you think it's inappropriate for Linda Hogan to be dating Charlie Hill?


Linda Hogan is a Pig and a Bitch, so why don't we just combine it and refer to her in the future as PIGBITCH. You know you have to wonder about caucasion (I am also caucasion) womanhood lately, maybe it was the effects of Chernoble but a lot of white woman worldwide are really lowering the quality of the white genepool with their choice of mates, wake up WHITE WOMEN.


I see nothing wrong with Linda dateing a younger guy. BUT come on its one of Nicks former classmates. That makes it kinda gross.


While I think that he is a bit young, and I really can't see what sort of "conversations" they might have on deeper level, I think she's just having fun...and perhaps doing it for some sort of revenge...I can't imagine that this relationship would go further because she would always be the "mother" figure to him...In the mean time, they aren't hurting's their call and actually people who judge others are the ones who are doing something wrong...just my opinion...I agree, if it were a man, wouldn't he be cool with his "trophey" on his arm...double standards...Get over it!


Leave the woman alone. If it were a nasty old man w/a young woman it would be O.K. Well, move over butter, it's Linda's turn damn-it!!! Get it girl...

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