An Update on the Shelley Malil Stabbing Case

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We have an update on one of the more grisly crimes to come out of Hollywood in many years.

According to TMZ, the woman who actor Shelley Malil allegedly stabbed, Kendra Beebe was the victim of three life threatening stabs (out of more than 202 total); one to each lung and one to the throat.

Authorities report Beebe nearly bled to death, as there was "a lot of blood" on the back patio, across the kitchen and all the way to the front patio.

Shelley Malil is being held on $10 million bail for his alleged attack on Kendra Beebe (pictured, left)

Moreover, a male visitor initially disarmed Malil... but he found another knife. A neighbor then showed up and disarmed Malil for the second time. At last, The 40-Year Old Virgin star supposedly fled once he heard sirens.

Atorneys say Kendra's children were upstairs at the time of the attack. It's gruesome stuff.

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