Amanda Beard or Leryn Franco: Who Would You Rather...

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Thank you to all the readers who replied to our previous poll, asking whether you'd rather sleep with Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz. If you haven't already, go vote now!

Then, focus on the similarly pressing question below.

Amanda Beard and Leryn Franco are two Olympic athletes known more for their looks than their accomplishments in the pool or on the field. Granted, Beard is a gold medalist - but as soon as she posed for Playboy, she became a cover girl before a swimmer in most people's minds.

Franco is a very bad javelin thrower, at least by Olympic standards. She finished second to last in this year's competition.

Take a look at the topless photos of each and let us know: Who would you rather, well, you know...

Amanda Beard Topless
Leryn Franco Naked

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Bob, your such an idiot... People like you are the reason why some celebrities are disgustingly skinny. Im sure you are some fat douche yourself.


it looks like both could lose another 10 pounds or so. I see a little jiggle there on both of these girls.


Amanda Beard is such a but-her face....Leryn Franco is so freaking beautiful, theres no comparison!

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Amanda Beard Topless Amanda Beard is world-class swimmer who may be known as much for her looks as for her talent in the water. You can see why, as she was... More »
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