Ali Lohan Thinks She's a Supermodel

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As you check out the following Ali Lohan picture on the cover of some magazine called Supermodels Unlimited, keep this in mind:

She's 14 years old!

Ali and Linds

This publication claims Ali Lohan is "America's New Sweetheart." Do you agree?


thats true x some models are as young as 10 to 12 years old so all women are going to look fat in comparison to 10 to 12 year olds not saying all women are fat but against 10 to 12 year olds even some of the super models of years past would be consided fat cristy , manreo, the list goes on would be consided fat crazy huh


she looks amazing the only ugly ones are the ones calling her ugly and other ugly stuff she's beautiful


Yes she's 14, so..??? There are loads of models that are 14 and already work on the catwalk. It's insane, but in the models-biz it's actualy quite normal. There are lot's of teenaged models working as a professional. All the FAGGOT DESIGNERS wants super-thin women that almost have a male body. Teenaged girls that still aren't full grown (getting more curves) have that kind of body.


So many jealous people!
If there is such a thing as a super model,it's gorgeous Ali.


SHE LOOKS LIKE 14 GOING ON 45. PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this skank makes me sick.


WOW she looks HORRID!!! I mean come on she's what 14 trying WAYYYYYYYYYY 2 hard to look older than she is. She needs to take off that make-up(or at least half of the pound she's wearing). What is going on with the world 2day >_


she is beautiful and talented she did model when she was younger oh and her song close that door is amazing


I think she looks great ! like a real model.
I think is really cool that she can perform and become a star, despide all the prejudices because she's lindsay's sister. Everyone says she looks like thirty, I don't think so, she looks a little older than her age, yeah, I agree on that, but she has a personal style and beauty.
go after your dream ali !


i cant believe i clicked on this post. this broad doesnt matter...scrape off some of that make-up u little girl!


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