50 Cent Owns Shaniqua Tompkins

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Did 50 Cent really try to burn down the house where Marquise - his 11-year-old son, resided? Did Marquise's mom kidnap him and hold him against 50's will?

These questions remain very much unclear.

What's perfectly clear, though, is that the rapper purchased the rights to his baby mama's life story. You know, so Shaniqua Tompkins, mother of Marquise, can't publish any tell-all books about him in the future.

50 Cent has confirmed this, addressing it in a statement: “I bought the rights to her life story so she couldn’t write a book. I seen her being ridiculous; I knew her capabilities of going in that direction, so I bought the rights.”

Don't ask us how one goes about purchasing the rights to a person’s life story ... especially of someone most people don’t know, let alone care about at all.

We only see one problem with 50's masterminding:

This does stop her from writing a fictional, O.J. Simpson-like account of how some made-up rapper named "49 Cent" burned down the house of "Taniqua Shompkins" on Long Island, with her inside. Think about it.

Of course, that assumes Shaniqua Tompkins is even literate. Never mind.


I am so happy in regard to ongoing reconcile between 50Cent and Miss Tompkins.I hope and pray you both succeed,have a beautiful wedding,Marquis has a beautiful christening as he turns 13.Images are on a page.Through to the picture.ALLOW YOUNG GIRLS TO RECEIVE:THESE MEN PASS TRUE EMOTIONS TO THEIR FIRST LOVES.THEY LOOK AT YOU AS A CAMARA.DON'T FALL FOR THE DILLUSION.MISS TOMPKINS IS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE ORDERING EVERY PICTURE,CONCERT,APPEARANCE.SHE IS MANAGER AND LADY OF THE HOUSE.I respect that.I personaly get judged before I step outside the door,I get left,people assuming I have it all.I can have any man I want....then I go to rehab prison for "self esteem" rehab.I accept it.No need for me to concert or perform.I have no love in my life to photograph me.Carry On!

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