Zanessa: Not So Innocent!

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Following the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal last year, it was apparent this High School Musical star and boyfriend Zac Efron weren't exactly innocent.

But anyone who had doubts can now be directed to a series of photos InTouch Weekly took of the couple getting more than cozy during a July 4 vacation in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caico.

Shirtless Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Take a look at one of the more risque pictures after this article's jump - and then answer the question that follows it...

“They looked like a happy young couple,” a witness said of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. No kidding!

Here's our question, concerning Zanessa:

Considering the couple's status as teen role models, and considering the safe assumption that they knew celebrity gossip photographers were around, is it inappropriate for Vanessa to be straddling Zac?

Weigh in with your thoughts now!

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I Love zanessa!!!


i think they r very cute together.It is their decision of they want/not want to in public.They are'nt little kids and they want to have fun and spend time together,thats why they went on a vacation.


oh god..they r frikin couple n boh of them r over 18..jeez
they r frikin adults..wats so bad about this..they r supposed to have life too...


I find it highly ridiculous that the press focus on a young couple on holiday living their lives (which should be personal i might add, we should all be ashamed for butting into their buisness)and blow it up into some sort of sex scandal that's innopropriate for kids. Two words guys: Get. Real. If a young 'hollywood' couple isnt allowed to spend some intimate time alone together then why should the rest of us be permitted to do so? Try looking at people who are ACTUALLY bad influences on children ie. Amy Winehouse? Im sure shes more of a bad influence than these two could ever be. Get a life people and stop looking into theirs.


I love this pic
Theyre are not 16 years olds but responisble adults
i love this pic and say there is nothing wrong about it


Aww they are so cute and if zac didnt like it why would he let her do it to him go zanessa they rock!!


i think its fine 4 ZANESSA to do that- ZANESSA ROX!!! i support ZANESSA n i always will!!!!!!!!!! xoxo
AshleyNessaFan Vanessa's #1 Fan! Zanessa Supporter 4eva!


I think it was totally unapropriate. Vanessa is just getting dirtier and dirtier. Yes they wanna show the whole world that they have a relationship. I was a supporter, but now i don't really like her. I would say Zac is dirty too, for hanging out with her.


i love zanessa they are perfect 4 eachother i hate what they go through its just stupid and wrong but they stay strong after they been through a looooooot i mean a lot but i say ppl or paparazzi need 2 lay off i plan on being an actress they better not do me like that


its perfectly fine. theyre a couple on vacation having some fun. they can do whatever they want since their both over 18.
but im surprised their still together and i think it would be funny if some vanessa baby news comes along soon. but im a big fan of them (especially sex god zac) and its totally not inappropriate for them to be seen like this