Zanessa: Not So Innocent!

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Following the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal last year, it was apparent this High School Musical star and boyfriend Zac Efron weren't exactly innocent.

But anyone who had doubts can now be directed to a series of photos InTouch Weekly took of the couple getting more than cozy during a July 4 vacation in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caico.

Shirtless Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Take a look at one of the more risque pictures after this article's jump - and then answer the question that follows it...

“They looked like a happy young couple,” a witness said of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. No kidding!

Here's our question, concerning Zanessa:

Considering the couple's status as teen role models, and considering the safe assumption that they knew celebrity gossip photographers were around, is it inappropriate for Vanessa to be straddling Zac?

Weigh in with your thoughts now!


zanessa bner2 pasangan yg perfect bngetz........


well that`s normal! they are a good couple!! they are adults now! they need sex!


ur just jealous mrs. chynna efron. N i think theirs totally nothing wrong about it i mean there human being they can do what ever they want 2.


I think its a good thing. I mean, they're 19/21. They're not kids anymore. It's not a high school relationship they have. Its an ADULT relationship. And how is Vanessa forcing him into anything when you see another picture following this one where they're making out and he is CLEARLY not objecting?


They-re are so fukin cute!!!


i think there brave to out like this....i mean i got accepted to be a new charecter on hannah montana but i said no because i wont be able to face the papaz like zanessa can!!
support zanessa 100005 of the way!! power!!


Well you never know if Zac told her to get on him. He was probably feelin horny. I mean come on who wouldn't get horny over her body!! He probably has fantasys about her before he goes to bed at night!


No offense but they know photographers are going to be around and it makes for free publicity. Seriously, how many people are talking about this photo and how many have seen it? Sometimes I think stars do things like this just to get a rise out of the public. I think they read some of the articles and laugh at how much people blow stuff out of proportion...mainly to get paid. It does make for good entertainment though. They are the hottest young couple today and I know more than a few guys that would love to be Zac Efron in that picture.


come on now !they are in love for god shake .live them alone
.live them some privacy tehy are awsome


All of you are saying "their adults, they are over eighteen" but their audience is not. I will bet you most of the people commenting this are under eighteen. It's not right for children stars to be doing this. They knew that some paparazzi were going to be there I mean come on, look at their last vacation. They are promoting sex to little kids. 10-year-old's are going to think it is okay to have sex and do all this stuff. Look at the pictures where he has his head in her boobs. That's just not okay. Disney should be doing something about this.

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