Zanessa: Not So Innocent!

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Following the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal last year, it was apparent this High School Musical star and boyfriend Zac Efron weren't exactly innocent.

But anyone who had doubts can now be directed to a series of photos InTouch Weekly took of the couple getting more than cozy during a July 4 vacation in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caico.

Shirtless Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Take a look at one of the more risque pictures after this article's jump - and then answer the question that follows it...

“They looked like a happy young couple,” a witness said of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. No kidding!

Here's our question, concerning Zanessa:

Considering the couple's status as teen role models, and considering the safe assumption that they knew celebrity gossip photographers were around, is it inappropriate for Vanessa to be straddling Zac?

Weigh in with your thoughts now!

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I am a huge Zanessa fan as a lot of other people are and say let them do what they want to do. I get that there teen role-models but there not exactly teenagers them selfs i mean there 21 and 22 is it really that bad that Vanessa is showing her man she loves him? They've been together for 5 years now what do you expect them to do just kiss each other on the cheek? Would you do that when you've been together for that long?? And even though they are doing more grown-up things at least there being safe and supporting being safe when it comes to love. So back off let them do what they want there adults and know whats best for them.


weell. im a number 1 zanessa supporter and fan. its their life, so what if they're doing that in public, it justs shows that they really love each other. mind your own damn business people. stop talking shit bout them. got it? good. :))


What the heck is Vanessa doing??!!Does she think that Zac is her toy so that she could sit on everyday??I mean,look at them,both of them look happy.But they're doing it in PUBLIC!!What if some lil' kids walking by and saw them?What a stupid idea to do that in public.They should be doing that in private.So they could cozy up anytime..tsk,tsk,tsk..


well itz true dey not teenz enymore dere adultz n every adult do dat n i kno wht im talkin bout cuz im her sister so i think itz ok for dem 2 do it but at da same time i dont but trust me ive met ma sisters boyfreind n hez a nice guy hez gud n he dont sware!!!!!!!!!!!!!so yea pce out


as much as id love to have no paps follow zanessa, we're such gossip whores (including me!), that we NEED to see dirt on celebs just because!! there's nothing wrong with them being a couple, what do you expect, a kiss on the cheek and a hug, yeah right


NO WAY!!! they're grown up! if they're over 18, there's no question about it...sure, when you see these pics you say "are they 18? can i look?" and then its "okay they are, its totally fine!" sure its a little ris-Kay (risky teehee), but they're old enough to do would be inapropriate for Miley Cyrus to do that to a guy because of her age. nuff said


I think they aren't doing anything wrong.
They have their own lives, people should just let them live it the way they want to.
Besides, there are hundreds of couples in the world that shows much more public display of affections that are worse than these, why should we criticize them?
They're young. They're inlove. They're happy.
Anyone who ever criticizes their relationship should just get a life.


i have no problem with this wht so ever. its two lovers having fun and just being them selves. leave them alone god dammit and get a life.


oh heavens sake!! theyre humans and arent they allowed to do things lyk oders do?! they just want to be normal like everyone else. is it illegal for celebs like them 2 show theyre affections 4 each other?! i mean why in the world does a paparazzi should follow them 24/7....xxxooo pls just leave them alone...LOVE ZANESSA XOO MUCH!!