Zanessa Continues to Play Dirty

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The way a recent vacation in the islands of Turks and Caico went, we should expect a Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens sex tape any day now.

After all, the couple known as Zanessa made no secret of their affection for one another during the trip. First, Vanessa straddled Zac for all to see.

Well Played Mr. Efron

Now, Efron has lost himself inside the chest of his girlfriend.

The only people having more fun than Hudgens in this image are the celebrity gossip photographers that likely banked six figures for taking it...

Yes, that is Zac Efron. His face will be clearer once it's no longer buried in the breasts of Vanessa Hudgens.


That is just gross look she is actually holding his head and I bet he enjoys it plus it's their lives .i am just a normal 11 year old fan of one direction and zac efron but that pic makes me hate zac now
Don't care bout them cause I hate Vanessa she looks like she just got raped
And zac is so gay
Not my fault peeps being honest


they really r a cute couple even after five years,they might actually make history i mean they have lasted longer than a lot of other cleb couples.UNBELIEVABLE,never taught dat a hollywood relationship could last dat long keep it up guys.


i think its really cute


I agrre with @kenddz, they look adorable!Trey´re doin it cuz they´re in love so deeply. Remember: SEX ATTRACTION IS NATURAL WHEN U R IN LOVE.This only shows their real feelings for 1 another. Who cares if they´re having sex???they´re becoming adults n when u sleep with someone u love, is not only physical contact, their hearts n minds r also into it, must be a great sensation...
They´re the cutest couple ever!!!


eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very unpleasant


Zanessa is a cute couple.... I love to hear about them but not this. But w/e. its thier life to do w/e they wanna do. :D so it cool...


Can't beleive it!


I love both of them!


WOW!! why isn't your shirt off here!! my boobs are like the size of tdaq eiffle tower!!! i will be your plaything zac!! CUM to me!! i will you a header all i need i your..penis!


That is actually pretty cute. We know there defo in love then if there doing things like that so don't you all dare say that it is gross! You wouldn't say that if they were your normal everyday couple. They didn't know that the paps were there!!!!!!!!!! Vanessa defo is not a sex addict shes just in love with her man and her smile aint fake , shes laughing cause of what Zac's doing cause it probly tickles or something. Anyway who are we to judge? It's there lives FUCK OFF!!!!!

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