YouTube Tussle: Miley and Mandy Mock Selena and Demi

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The teen queen war is officially on!

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For weeks now, a pressing debate on the Internet has been: Who is the next Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato? The Hollywood Gossip even pitted writer against writer on the issue, as readers have continued to weigh in with their opinions.

Based on the video below, though, it doesn't seem as though Miley is pleased with this question being raised.

Here's what you need to know before viewing it:

Gomez and Lovato posted a cute clip on YouTube of the two of them just chillin. For whatever bitter, mean-spirited, jealous reason, Cyrus and best friend Mandy Jiroux then published a video making fun of Selena and Demi.

There's nothing subtle about it. Watch Miley and Mandy mock the rising Disney stars now:


Can Miley defenders defend their girl for this? Is she really so threatened by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato that she feels the need to mock them publicly?

Or, might there be another reason for Cyrus' sudden mean streak? Earlier this week, gossip reports have linked Selena with Nick Jonas, the rumored ex-boyfriend of - you guessed it - Miley Cyrus!

Are you on Team Miley/Mandy or Team Selena/Demi? WATCH THE VIDEO NOW AND WEIGH IN!

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i HATE mandy for taking miley in to moking thos girls lik get a life mandy ur soso ugly .............hahahahahahah.......ur a stupid,ugly,n moking imiture little.........BRAAATTTTTT................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


HEY WAT UP!im in the house .......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahzahahahahahahahahahahaha........BYE..........


selena's #1 fan here in the house wat up my peeps......hahahah......LOL!im on NO ones side i think if u think .........miley was not moking it was it stupid mandeys falt shes so ugly.... i mean look in the mirror weird your so ugly.......lik OMG!......SO LAST year.......PEACE HOMES.............HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA




hey miley remember ur old boyfriend justin G. well about him he is not cute or nothing,Because ever body hate`s you but not me well because ever body dosen`t like you to have an older boyfriend. I LOVE YOU SELENA,DEMI AND MILEY KEEP UP


im slenea's # 1 fan i lov u selena u ROCK ur #1 fan Avianna, demi u rock to , dont care if any body else reads this,n miley u rock to ur coool i lov u three very much u 3 r so hot fames peeps #1 fan Avianna


my sis is right, i bet stupid did tell miley to mock them GO slenea,demi,n miley u ROCK...from Avi.......hahahahahahahahahaha


Hey everbody SHUT UP about saying bad things about miley because the 3 of them are the hotest. Hey do you have friends that mocks you a lot.but don`t hate miley hate mandy because I think that mandy told miley to mock them.


if u hate miley then i hate u........LOSSER...


if you hate miley cyrus then you hate billy ray cyrus the country singer..