Verne Troyer Dishes on Ranae Shrider, Sex Tape

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We've already heard Ranae Shrider's sorded side of the sex tape story with Verne Troyer.

Now, the diminutive actor has opened up to E! Online about his life, ex-girlfriend and a certain leaked, intercourse-laden video...

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

On the sex tape's release: “I feel like I have no privacy. Just because people are seeing something that was meant to be between me and her. That's the biggest reason that I'm, you know, trying to stop the tape from being released.”

On the legal process: “I’ve been, for the past two weeks, three weeks probably, spending a lot of money to fight this. I have my lawyer, and he’s doing a great job."

On dumping Ranae Shrider: “I broke up with her in the middle of June; it was something probably to do with that. It was basically when she decided to give the tape away. I highly doubt that she thought that would get me back with her. Ransom or something."

On his current relationship with Shrider
: “She's still in the house. I saw her when I left today, and she was calling me names and stuff… so I can't get away from it."

That's too bad. But due to the subprime mortgage lending crisis, it's not surprising that Shrider can't find a home of her own.

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