The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 37

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans and readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, an always-fun Friday afternoon tradition.

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    Who let the dogs out?


    Ranae: Time to walk the dogs!


    You see this dog...this dog has a bigger cock than Vern.


    Thats friggin' cute.


    the dog's is bigger


    Verne Troyer=> I dont know if i the tape is with you or with the doggie.. u look like sisters!


    Dog Talking: Oh please dear god tell me it's not my virgin ass he's l@@king at!


    My lucky day...a threesome with Benji and herve treating me good


    Dog: Don't get any ideas lady, I think you've already reached your freak show sex tape quota.


    RANAE: I love this guy, even though he doesn't make eye contact with me during sex.

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