The Bachelorette Finale: DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak Engaged; Jason Mesnick Heartbroken

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On the season finale of The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas shocked America (and Jason Mesnick) by getting engaged to Jesse Csincsak.

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    Can you believe that here in S.Africa, we have only just seen the last episode. If only I had known about this website, I could have saved myself a lot of time and misery.
    Like many others, I'm convinced DeAnna chose the wrong bachelor. I thought Jason was evrything a girl could want, and was flabergasted when she chose Jesse.
    It is now a year on from the end of the programme, so I would really like to know how the romance fared. Can anyone tell me where to look on the net?


    she made a huge mistake that she will regret no doubt.she should have gone for love and picked either jeremy or graham.


    DeAnna Pappas wasn't real to me see said she was okay with jason having a child but allin all she wasn't, she said it by picking Jesse and she give it away who picked at the one on one date and she said something that made think Jesse need to be her boyfriend he was her friend first,I have question what was all the other guys there non boyfriends tell me that didn't sound right Jason could read her like a book and I don't she like that her dad and I figure out who she pick on the visit. and I do believe Jason figure it out also on the one on one date she was different toward him and Jesse she started talking like him and doing things for him.


    This guy is ugly, he has a big ugly honker, gross!


    I know from personal experience that the guy that seems the most stable is is all about love. Jesse is the most stable and manly. Jason ran like a , and was totally unappealing! DeAnna is a real woman, and that requires a real man. All of the other guys had issues...Jesse is the best pick. I read somewhere that they are a young Katherine Zeta-Jones and Micheal Douglas. I can see that! The people that I have read that have had long relationships get why DeAnna chose Jesse. I bet that he makes her toes curl!:)


    I think Deanna made the right choice. It was obvious by watching them on that last episode!! They do look like soulmates and seem very much in love. Jesse may be a snowboarder, but that doesn't mean he won't be successful and make her happy. They are so cute together and will make beautiful babies when their time is right. Way to go Deanna and Jesse!!!


    DeAnna is very much a control person. I think that Jason and Jeremy were to good for her. Go going spend the rest of your life with a snowboarder, there's are great job. I can just see Jesse on the snowboard when he is 50. I hope DeAnna likes supporting her husband for the rest of her life, because he won't be able to, unless they live in a field inside a tent without running water!


    stop saying deanna made a bad choice!! Know one knows her better then herself and honestly jesse is perfect for her. I thought she would end up with jason and i also wanted her to but deanna doesnt see him as a guy she can wake up to and fall asleep next to everyday of her life. After i realized that one of the big reasons i wanted jason and deanna to end up is because after seeing him as a father i knew he deserved to find love but it doesnt mean he should rush into things if it means taking risks. Love is a big word and even tho everyone can have there own opinion's doesnt mean they should think deanna is a bad person for not picking the guy u wanted her to pick.

    good luck deanna and jesse
    i only hope for the best(:


    Jeremy is dating someone for the last season of the bachlor!! wow... i hope jason is the next bachlor

    best wishes to deanna Csincsak lol (jesse's last name) i hope for the best and know u to will last(:


    Jeremy, if you're still looking, I'd be honored to pursue a relationship with you. You are gorgeous, intelligent, human, and have suffered far too much in your life. I'm not too far from you either .. I'm in Houston. In any case, I wish you the very best that life has to offer and I hope you aren't down on love because of this Bachelorette experience. The right girl is out there .. and waiting. Take care.

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