Tameka Foster Speaks on Usher V

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Usher fans may be Tameka Foster haters, but perhaps they'll change their minds when they read how well Foster is taking care of the couple's baby.

"He's like hyper baby — he's crawling so fast!" Foster said of her seven-month old. "He stands up, and he's walking around the table... it's amazing to watch him."

Alex Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez and Kids

Tameka Foster loves her son. But Usher fans don't love Tameka Foster.

Foster also told Us Weekly that motherhood "wonderful" and "every day is a new challenge with him."

As for future Ushers?

"I'd love to have more, we just gotta make the time," Foster said.

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I have been in love with Usher every since he came on the scene. I feel that he may need psychiatric services because it is quite obvious to me that he is having an emotional breakdown. I wonder if Tameka has some type of hypnosis on him. I have to agree with the majority, she is very unattractive for him. She belongs to a 65 year old man.


I agree with the fact that she could have either waited or took a pic with her clothes on.Firstly being seen in public half naked isn't right regardless of whether you have a nice body or not.Secondly there really is nothing cute about stretch marks!!


I understand that this is a natural pic and yes this is what some women look like after they give birth to a child but she could have waited until she got rid of her baby fat to do a photo shoot showing off her belly. Its unprofessional , embarassing and wrong , and if this was any other women i would say the same thing . As far as the people who hate on her let me just say that she is not worth hating on one bit. Usher can do better but every fine man doesn't have a fine woman and its nothing wrong with that .




As a professional stylist I really don't understand how she could've let herself be photographed/seen in print like this. Yes she is a real woman and I believe that every woman has a natural beauty and grace that she has been given that's unique and distinct. She could have posed in a rather more flattering dress - perhaps empire line? Those hideous tights do absolutely nothing but bad things for her shape, not just her stomach. Highlight the assets instead. If nothing else, it's unprofessional. I guess one could argue that she's just proud to show off her body and unashamed but I feel this 'outfit' was a bad idea from the word go. Better luck next time.


crap and a half


YES! she is a women and YES! that is human but NO .. have respect for yourself im from the bay and she making us women look bad! thats a richmond HOOD RAT with no class.. bottom line! and I rather see usher still chasing after chili then her .. no wonder why moms didnt like her


Her Stomach look nasty


We need to remember that is what a "true woman" looks like after she gives birth... Do we know what kind of woman she is, NO so shut your mouth and stop talking about what others look like and look in mirror...


wtf is rong wit usher she is so ugly and somebody should of told her about hey jelly all out that aint cute :(