Tameka Foster Speaks on Usher V

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Usher fans may be Tameka Foster haters, but perhaps they'll change their minds when they read how well Foster is taking care of the couple's baby.

"He's like hyper baby — he's crawling so fast!" Foster said of her seven-month old. "He stands up, and he's walking around the table... it's amazing to watch him."

Alex Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez and Kids

Tameka Foster loves her son. But Usher fans don't love Tameka Foster.

Foster also told Us Weekly that motherhood "wonderful" and "every day is a new challenge with him."

As for future Ushers?

"I'd love to have more, we just gotta make the time," Foster said.

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First of all, I never thought Tameeka was unattractive! I think the media was expecting Usher to be with some 'video model.' Demi Moore was praised for landing Ashton Kutcher after three children with her former husband Bruce Willis. My mother remarried after having three children with a man 10 years younger than her. My mom may not look like a 'video vixen', but she sure is still a knockout! I do not however, agree with the fact that she chose to display her body in a less than flattering way. Other than her obvious lapse in judgement, I believe the media should leave her alone!


marriage is not all about beauty, is all about luv and peace. i wish u happy home guys.


Are those stretch marks I'm looking at ????


First of all Usher is not all that wit his big ugly ass nose. Anyway why is Usher and Tameka such a big thang when you got Jay Z ugly ass and Beyonce fake ass hair, eyelashes and lord knows what elese she got that's fake. At least Tameka is keeping it real and plus I think yall who alwayz got something to say about the lady is just pure jealous casue you aint wit Usher yo damn self!! Find something else to gossip about like Mariah and Nick, hell she's older than him..


this make me sick, how in the world was this picture link out. help us people this man has gone too far, dude cover yourself up mr. tameka foster raymond.


First of all you never ever hear her talk about her other three children, she act like they don't even exist. This is one relationship that won't last, for they are the most controversial couples. Tameka married Usher for one thing only......MONEY, ha I ain't mad at her.


hey ms tameka dont u ever try a two piece of any clothing...u need to cover up bad!!!!your big stomach looks aweful!!!!!hey just keeeping it real thats all.......


Ok, to the comment about this is what a true woman looks like after birth, you are right she's a true woman who had birth and should have never showed that after birth for the whole damn country to see. I have 2 kids and stretch marks but you don't see me trying to pose like I'm tyra banks!!!!


typing too fast that should have said.... let's remember that she does have other children so that's not just baby fat her body is not in shape...tis the way she probably looks on the regular which is pretty damn gross to show the world :(


let's remember that she does have other children so that's just not her body not in shape...tis the way she probably looks on the regular which is pretty damn gross to show the world :(