Stepfather of Diana Bianchi Ratted Out Peter Cook

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At Day Two of the sensational Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce trial, the supermodel sobbed repeatedly, describing how he ruined her life.

But, Cook, who smirked and whispered into his attorney's ear throughout Brinkley's teary testimony, said his wife was just putting on a show.

"Shrek was more believable," he quipped during a recess.

Among the details Christie Brinkley revealed, sobbing:

  • Peter Cook offered to pay women he met online for sex.
  • Brinkley, a blonde, found a black hair in their bed.
  • Their son, Jack, stumbled upon porn stashed on his computer while doing research for a school book report.
  • Distraught, Cook threatened suicide after his affair with Diana Bianchi, his teenage assistant, was exposed.

Christie Brinkley then revealed how she learned the news after delivering a commencement address at a high school in the Hamptons in June 2006.

The high school grads were collecting their diplomas - with Peter and Jack Cook cheering Christie on - when Diana Bianchi's step-father approached her.

In tears, Brinkley testified:

"Suddenly, I heard these words ... I heard him say, 'That husband of yours just won't knock it off. He is having an affair with my teenage daughter and that bastard won't knock it off and I have to come to you.'"

"I said, 'What did you say?' At this point my eyes were fading out around the edges, this tunnel vision in a way," Brinkley said. "I looked at Peter and he was just going 'no' and I thought to myself 'it's true, he did that.'"

Wednesday, Peter Cook detailed the affair with Diana Bianchi, also took the stand, calling their "mutual." She said they had sex fewer than 10 times.

Perhaps most stunningly, Brinkley's attorney also stated that Peter Cook spent $3,000 on Internet porn a month. A month! What is possibly worth that!? He could go to our gallery and ogle Megan Fox nude for free right now!

Describing how son Jack went to look up material for a school report, Brinkley testified, "Suddenly a pornography slide show popped up that was stored on the computer. And it was, like, pictures of women piled on women."

Just as horrifying, the 54-year-old beauty said, was finding her own husband's profile on an online swingers site.

"It was not a voyeur site," she said.

"It was to put people together and that was more than I could really bear. The man who I was living with, I didn't know who he was."

Adding to Peter Cook's shame yesterday was Alexa Ray Joel, the 22-year-old daughter of Brinkley and singer Billy Joel, who testified that Cook was a cruel stepfather throughout the time she's known him.

Yeah. Don't think he's getting the kids ...


Guys are horney pigs ! Nothing more to say


Christie Brinkley is undeniably BEAUTIFUL. She has been for years and few women after half a century can look half as good. That being said, SHE HAS LOUSY TASTE IN MEN!
I mean, it's almost laughable! I remember the mag. articles where she continuously hailed Mr. Cook as the love of her life, etc. I just want to say thanks to Christie for making the rest of us mere mortals and our flawed relationship decisions look better than ever!
She's the everywoman-she just happens to be beautiful & rich, too.


the little poor mistress "diana" was no sweet baby. She's been around and probably
had sex with a few men before. She had to be
birth control and got 300,000 from peter which is
a good amount to start her life and she appears
to want more. she's a gold digger that is now
being directed by stepdad. she's a loser


"women stop blaming the man and wake up" --- I guess you are a man


I worked with chris she is not very bright not all . Remember this is the woman who married a man after one ski trip . She does not have a brain in her head. Talk about a dumb blond trust.. Plus she looks so botoxed up . She is no beauty . She knew what kind of man she married but wanted him anyway. Women stop blaming the man and wake up


Peter Cook is a sick pervert who shouldn't be allowed near ANY kids, even his own. Christie Brinkley is a stupid twit for repeatedly marrying (and having kids with) men who treat her badly. And she'll hook up with another slimeball soon enough. God only knows what her kids' next stepfather will do to them.

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