Spencer and Heidi: High Rollin', House Huntin'

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We knew how hard they parlayed their ... well, themselves into lots of cash, but apparently Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt can a $12 million beach house.

A video of The Hills couple we love to hate going house hunting yesterday was thought to be nothing more than another shamless, staged publicity stunt.

Strapped B!tch

They looked at two homes: the aforementioned $12 million beach house (also for rent, $90,000/month) and another with an asking price of $15 million.

Kidding themselves? Hardly. It turns out Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag can easily make such a purchase, meaning the apocalypse cannot be far off.

Spencer Pratt pimps his ho so well ... eight figures' worth, apparently.

Their realtor, Sandro Dazzan, says they are "serious buyers," and while he does not think they'll pull the trigger right away, he confirmed that they can afford the $12 million house right now, but may hold out for a bigger one.

Well, that settles that. And almost shames the paltry $2.2 million Hollywood villa purchased by Lauren Conrad.


these two people are so evil! Leave LC alone and mind your own business. get a life and if you have so much money use it for some organization or foundation at least LC is trying to make a living. LOSERS ! what goes around comes around remember


They seem to have more dollars than I have sperm. Must be nice.


YOU ONLY HATE HEIDI BECAUSE LC DOES! YOU ARE ALL FOLLOWERS! DONT BE TALKING ABOUT CHARITY WHEN YOUR LEADER TRIES TO SELL HER COPY CAT COTHES FOR SO MUCH! again, dont judge based on others opinion, and i dont even mean other's opinion, i mean Laurens!


I guess that extra money Spencer is making doing those caveman commercials is financing their new home.


WOW, Was that really George Washington in the picture with them at a golden coral buffet!lol!!!!


Ahahaha what a loser! God hes so desperate i laugh at him and btw that first comment is so funny!


Now why do they claim to be such "Christians"and in love with Jesus??? Buying a multi-million dollar place when that money could go to charity??? They are such hypocrites! Wow, I guess the economy in CA is better than it appears
for kids with high school diplomas and blonde hair!


LOL. Atleast pull out a twenty, Spence.. unless 1 dollar bill and some is whats left after your new purchase. Congrats anyway :)


Who in their right mind flashes one dollar bills and thinks it makes them look rich? Oh that's right, Spencer does. What a retard.

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