Source: Lucas Till is Dating Miley Cyrus

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Lucas Till is best known for portraying a young Jack Cash in the critically acclaimed film, Walk the Line.

Now, according to reports, Till is cashing in - professionally and personally - by starring opposite Miley Cyrus in the upcoming Hannah Montana movie.

Pic of Miley Cyrus

“The moment Miley saw Lucas’ photo, she knew he was perfect to play her on-screen love," a source told the National Enquirer. “It was as if she decided she wanted him and would have him - like Lucas would have no choice in the matter… She is always cuddling up to him and kissing him on the cheek.”

Granted, the aforementioned tabloid that's reporting this news is less reliable than an Alex Rodriguez marriage vow. Still, it's an issue worth pursuing.

Have you heard anything about Miley Cyrus dating Lucas Till?

Lucas Till is definitely a cutie and might be Miley Cyrus' boyfriend. 


Is that really u or are u just posing as Nick j p.s. thats for the Nick J person!


i dont think they make a cute cuple(he is 2 cute 4 her!!!!


Miley Cyrus is still a good friend of mine. She's extremely nice and there's no reason for hate. If she loves Lucas you shouldn't really care. It's her business.


wow, for all the people saying he's really ugly, id love to see a picture of you. in fact, why don't u post one randomly on the internet and ask for ratings on how you look. lucas may not be as hot as like chad murray maybe, but he's still pretty cute!


He's better than Nick and he's hott.


yo soy de españ y asen buenas parejas


here people i will tell you this. leave nick jonas ALONE! if you really want to say something you ALL (PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE NICK JONAS) can screw your self !!!!! so there and heres some advice for mileys new bf hope you live your lifes cuz you both are UGLY AND DESERVE EACHOTHER!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! i love you nick jonas!!!! and he does not sing like a girl so screw you des and mal-luv!!!!


i hope that miley is going out with him because nick is just so blaa, miley needs a break from the public and have a life . it's really sad because everyone is talking about her and all the mistakes she makes. i feel you bad for her i don't like hannah montana or most of her singing,but she needs a life !!!!!!!


i think that he;s a better boyfriend for miley than nick joans+ nick sings like a girl screaming, and lucas ,might be nicer.


OMG. lucas is awesome and soooooooo hot. and i think its so cool cause he is my cousins cousin!:) not even lying to jesus. (and im a christian)

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