Sienna Miller, Nude, Kisses Balthazar Getty

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It didn't take long for Sienna Miller to get past ex-boyfriend Rhys Ifans.

The promiscuous Brit was recently spotted laying a smooch on new boy toy, Balthazar Getty. And she wasn't wearing any clothing while doing it!

Follow the jump on this article now to see a mostly nude Sienna Miller laying her lip smack down...

Sienna Miller is topless and kissing yet another man: Balthazar Getty.

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It's sad, she acts like a slut and then is tryig to sue over the fact she is a tramp.....


it's awfully


She is freakin sick, a slut if you ask me...he is married. I don't care if his marriage is on the rocks, he has 4 kids to think about.............I don't like her, and now I like her even less! Get some help from a shrink lady, you are nothing but a slut.