Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas Deny Relationship

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Yes, Selena Gomez starred in The Jonas Brothers' video for "Burnin' Up."

But, no, this does not mean she's involved in a relationship with a member of that trio, the young Disney star told Extra.

"The Jonas Brothers are all sweet. They're so amazing to me. They've become really good friends of mine, but I'm not dating any of them," Gomez said, specifically replying to rumors that her and Nick Jonas are an item.

Do you believe Selena? Would she and Nick make a cute couple?

Rumors are flying about Nick Jonas knocking the proverbial boots of Selena Gomez.

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they'd be a cute couple.....
hope...they would be a couple...
is it true that...
they dated...??


YES! On another link it said selena went on a date and got kissed and she told him "i dont kiss on first dates "
and he was like " i dont follow rules " and nick told another magazine " i went on a date and shes like 'i dont kiss on first dates' i was like 'i dont follow rules'!!!!!!!! PROOF!!!!


i love miley and nick togeather but all you guys how hate miley i hate you and the girl how say nick is gay she is a hoe for saying that and the girl how say that name is kistin!!!!and selena i like you but you is so not for nick miley is so sweet for nick so all you guys step off of miley!and leave miley alone you get that!!!!!!i love you miley!!!!!you rock!!!!


first to begin i like selena very much but when you guys start on miley cyrus a.k.a hannah montana that's where i draw the line all you ppl who don't like miley that's your business,because she is still rich,she's still beautiful and still the best teen pop sensation! selena gomez can't step in miley shoes!!! i like selena but ppl like you guys is making me hate that girl.SO JUST BACK OFF!!!!!!!


Nick, nick,nick.what else can i made the right decision to go out with selena.She's great in every way.Keep your head up and go for whats right.Believe in what you think in.Take risks.




omg . i like both her and miley .bt nick should think about beling single for a bit.loads of girlz love him. they should travel. england and suff


i hate nick jonas hes gay i hate the jonas brothers


what eva nick jonas is mine got is selena you dont eva talk to him again ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SeLeNa AnD nIcK mAkE sUcH a CuTe CoUplE u R sO LuCkY sElEnA. i ThInK MiLeY aNd nIcK mAkE A CuTer cOUplE.....