Samantha Ronson: Would You Hit That?

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One of the hottest acts in music (at least Lindsay Lohan would tell you that, anyway), DJ Samantha Ronson has become a household name.

SamRo and LiLo are quite happy together. But what we really want to know, regarding the 30-year-old Brit, is this: Would you go there?

Tell us, ladies and gentlemen alike, how you react to this question...

Samantha Ronson: Would you hit it?

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Skank 1 and Skank 2.


with a 2x4 maybe!!!


heey , i love you ;-*


I'd punish her butt


well i dont c what lindsay looks at her . she's kinnda ugly. but if hey r happy 2gether whatever.


The answer is ONLY WITH A BAT! She is ugly.


Yeah... or Hell Yeah! ^^ I would defi' do it :D


I think she's a very pretty girl. I would do away with the fedora and bleach blonde hair, though. She was really cute with brown hair.


NO WAY... she is nasty. Looking at her makes me want to take a shower. Get it together you freak!


No, but good on Lindsay if her and Samantha makes her happy. Who cares? Nothing wrong with them being gay.