Rumored New Couple: Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez

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We can't say for sure whether or not Selena Gomez will following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus.

But, based on a story in Rolling Stone, we can confirm that Gomez is following in the lip locking of Cyrus.

Selena With Her Fans

In the latest issue of that magazine - which features The Jonas Brothers on the cover - writer Jason Gay focuses on a picture of Miley's ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas. He writes that the photograph in question depicits the following:

[Nick Jonas with] his arm around the girl’s back, and the girl’s arm is wrapped around his. Her name is Selena Gomez, she’s Demi Lovato’s best friend and a big new Disney star. The genuine affection in the photo is obvious…

This photo, which appears in the current issue of Rolling Stone, shows Nick Jonas and his rumored new girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

What do you think of the pairing of Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez? 

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Selena and Nick are totally cute together! They are both oh so very talented! Pst, and Niley is so f** up! Miley is just a freaked sl*t who doesn't deserve a mega hotie like Nick! SCREW NILEY! LIVE ON NELENA!


I really didnt want them to hook up!
im sooo jealous!!


i think that nick should just pick whoever he wants, its his decision, no matter what other people say you won't be changing his mind or anything


selena needs to call me when she turns 18. word up yo.


thiz pic photoshopped becuz i saw the real pic and it waz juss nick and he waz turned the other way [i luv niley]


ok let me make dis cler im not nicks tru luv i don even no him its jus dat da grl dat rote dat bot me is my bff an she nos im a hugefan so she did dat to make me fel beter cuz nick brok my its tru abot selena she is pure truble we no her from hi scol shes a sick bitch any1 wan to no wat she did? lev a coment


its not its totaly real do u even read da news dere 2geder its not luv if it was den nick wont b ritin a song 4 miley cald SORRY he luvs miley dere gona get bak 2gedr soner or later


EVERYOONE!!!!!!!! This picture is TOTALLLLLLLLLY
Photoshopped!! AHAA yall are dummies. except the girl above me :) just examine that picture and u can tell it was. & if they really were dating, leave them alone, wat really matters is LOVE ok .


It is photoshopped


hey jb i luv u guys so muc i luv joe beta doe ur muzik pops we liv in guyana nick shud not date selena he shud date me cuz im wayy hoter an i av a smaler 4hed nick ur so sexy i wan u so bad .marry me nick u brok my hart im in depresion.uhhhh!!! p.s im not a horny lil bitch i jus wan u .

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