Rumored Couple Alert: Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift!

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Taylor Swift is currently on tour with The Jonas Brothers.

According to sources, though, the beautiful country singer is doing more than just singing on stage with this trio. She might be actually be doing one the siblings backstage.

Swift and Joe Jonas are the latest young stars to be romantically linked to one another. Earlier this morning, we asked readers to weigh in with their thoughts on whether or not Lucas Till and Miley Cyrus were dating.

Previously, of course, Miley and Joe's brother Nick were a rumored couple. The dating merry-go-round can be awfully confusing, we know.

Let's just hope all these young stars have learned a thing or two from Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge. They need to protect themselves from a lot more than just bad press.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas: Rumored, gorgeous, young love.

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they R going out:(:(:(:(:( well anyways get ur facts strait they hav purity rings, so joe and his brothers wouldn't let that happen, stupid!!! some reporter u r uhhuh


this cant be possible. taylor is so awesome and talented and joe is so weird and NOT talented. she needs to go out with someone who is talented. but in the end i think she'll be with someone who isnt famous. and seriously, shes so down to eath. why would she date someone whos that famous and full of themselves?


1. Joe wears a purity ring so there wont be any "doing" backstage.
2. cant they just hang out w/ out the world saying there dating.
Get your facts straight!


I herd Joe Jonas is really a girl


i hate it joes mine!!! grrrrr good thing im liking nick more though


ROCK ON TAYLER AND JOE. i LOVE you both and the rest of the jonus gang


oh my freakin goodness
"doing one the siblings backstage"
you make it sound so perverted
who cares if they crush on each other
they are teenagers GET OVER IT


Get your facts straight peoples. Taylor Swift is not dating Joe Jonas. In fact, she is actually dating an aspiring film star Phil Ly


OK seriously!! get your facts straight! Taylor Swift is NOT touring with the jonas brothers, obviously. Also, as far as anyone knows joe and taylor are not dating. As of now all of the jbs are single, the paparazzi just tries to make up stupid rumors. This article is pointless trash because nothing in it is true! i mean what the heck? c'mon!-taylor is not "doing" joe backstage! lol! joe and taylor are both way better quality people than that and Joe even wears a purity ring!!!!Please don't ever spread another rumor like this on here again!!


SHUTUP on July 14th, You GO GIRL!!! I am dun now