Rumored Couple Alert: Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift!

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Taylor Swift is currently on tour with The Jonas Brothers.

According to sources, though, the beautiful country singer is doing more than just singing on stage with this trio. She might be actually be doing one the siblings backstage.

Swift and Joe Jonas are the latest young stars to be romantically linked to one another. Earlier this morning, we asked readers to weigh in with their thoughts on whether or not Lucas Till and Miley Cyrus were dating.

Previously, of course, Miley and Joe's brother Nick were a rumored couple. The dating merry-go-round can be awfully confusing, we know.

Let's just hope all these young stars have learned a thing or two from Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge. They need to protect themselves from a lot more than just bad press.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas: Rumored, gorgeous, young love.


i actually heard they were spotted leaving a hotel in grapevine a day after the concert.


Everyone thinks they're dating because she went to see a show of artists her own age? she was just in the crowd. and she isn't following them to Anaheim this weekend because she has a shown in Ohio. and the "doing one of the siblings backstage" is so unnecessary/


Wow, never looking at any other gossip website again besides Perez Hilton after this story. Do your research Hollywood Gossip, it's not hard to figure out that this is totally false seeing as Taylor Swift is not anywhere near the Jonas Brother's tour. Demi Lovato is the only accompanying act so get your facts straight before you spread garbage.

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