Pierce Brosnan Poses with Controversial Wife, Keely Shaye Smith

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Last year, we posted a photo of Keely Shaye Smith in a bikini. Regarding the full figure of Mrs. Pierce Brosnan, we simply wrote:

We admire Smith for remaining true to who she is!

That comment set off a firestorm across The Hollywood Gossip, as many readers agreed it was refreshing to see a celebrity that wasn't obsessed with losing weight; while others actually labeled Smith as a poor role model for being so unhealthy.

Now that Smith has been spotted in public again, alongside her husband during for the premiere of Mamma Mia!, we wonder if readers will pick up the debate again.

Where do you stand on the appearance of Keely Shaye Smith?

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Keely Shaye Smith is one of the most controversial celebrities on our site. Chime in today with your thoughts on Mrs. Pierce Brosnan.


She is lovely but she is also morbidly obese. Being that large carries multiple health risks. Get healthy Keely but fuck those people telling you to it for appearances. Do it for your children so you are not a diabetic with bad knees when you are a granny.


Has anyone ever seen Keely smoking a cigarette? She's probably too envirementally conscious for that but I'd kill to see her smoking a Virginia slim 120

@ john

She has a thyroid disorder, idiot.


As a guy who likes classy women with big hips and large breasts, Keely is over the top! I always thought she was beautiful but her hips are rideable now.


she is fat and only a fat woman would say that fat is pretty ; her self serving bias everyone likes to look good but it takes work and effort , so you fat mommas can accept this little failure of yours and stop bitching about pretty girls fat can be happy , but then he or she would have the decency to admit that she would like to look good but does not have the discipline to do it


I love the bbw look and think that she is smoking hot.


Hey CJ YOU'RE SO SHALLOW! You don't want her to do that for her husband or herself you want her to do it for you because you think that's what is right. You're an idiot!!! Eat a Doughnut!


Yes, she's overweight. However, I don't agree that she's being "selfish" for being overweight while her husband's in the spotlight. She's been sick. I hope she will recover well.


Keely is real and wonderful, and the fact that her husband loves her for her, and not the hollywood stereotype, which isn't the most attractive by the way, make HIM real and wonderful. Keely is beautiful and confident. Keep smiling Keely:)


Rock it, Keely. She looks great. Period. Just like some thin people, she is probably fighting to be healthier. She may not have the best health, but I can GUARANTEE you that 99.9% of the people criticizing her have WORSE health. The truth is, she is just lovely. And, the person who said if she was someone else's wife we wouldn't be discussing this is right! If they were an unknown couple at a grocery store, it wouldn't be an issue. She's being criticized for being different. And you know what? Good for her! I am always amused by poeple who criticize how other people look. Their weight. heir life. Please...check yourself in the mirror.


I think she is absolutely lovely. I love the dress - I wonder where she bought it. When Oprah got so thin she underwent a personality change and became Bitchy she is back to her old likeable self. Keely expounds life! Good for you. Laura - Straight large lady Cape Town