Pete Wentz: Would You Hit That?

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The Hollywood Gossip has a tough one today in its Would You Hit That? segment - a gentleman who can generate a variety of opinions.

Fall Out Boy lyricist and bassist Pete Wentz (seen here with BFF John Mayer) was once named to the People Most Beautiful list somehow.

Would you go there, though? Tell us, ladies and gentlemen alike ...

Pete Wentz: Would you hit that? Or the dude with him?

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He'll to the yes. Pete wentz's smile is extremely sexy


I would definatly hit pete he is soooo hot! love his sexy eyes and smile


I'd definitely hit Mayer, but Wentz is out of the question.


No i wouldn't hit a guy with a crooked face..damn ugly.


I would totally hit Pete Wentz. He is HOT. VERY sexy guy!!!


i would so hit pete wentz he is gorgeooouuus


I would definitely hit John Mayer, he is a sexy beast!!


I love Pete Wentz. I would totally hit that...he just needs to get his own eye liner.......


No I wouldn't hit that 'cuz he's too camp.I don't want to date a guy who is more girly than me!