Perez Hilton: Would You Hit That?

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After three ladies, The Hollywood Gossip is proud to present the first male subject of Would You Hit That? - our newest recurring feature.

Say what you want about Perez Hilton's opinions - the celebrity gossip blogger has crossed over and is a bona fide celebrity in his own right.

Would you go there, though? Tell us, ladies and gentlemen alike ...

Perez Hilton: Would you hit it?

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ewww hell no his hair and teeth are enough to make me run..he definitely defies the stereotype that gay guys are hot..ughhh!


ewwww i really dislike perez hilton..he definetly has his favourites in the celeb world and whoever he doesn't like will cope it big time...he needs to relax and look at himself?? im sorry but who is he?? some blogger? who the hell wants to be known for doing nothing...nobody likes you perez..


He is putrid


He looks like a complete simpleton to be honest. That blue hair?? and yet he slags other celebrities? Please..get some fashion sense and a proper personality. He is obviously got dropped on his head as a child


Perez needs therapy! He is so envious and hateful. He rags on ppl for being famous for doing nothing and yet...hmmm, what is he famous for again?! He is not attractive inside or out. I especially detest his negative comments on the looks of celeb's children. He has even made fun of babies for their appearance. Shame on him and all who support him. They are only contributing to the negative image of Americans.


yeah. what a hot piece.


yes. if you pay me enough.

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