Miranda Cosgrove: The Next Miley Cyrus?

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Sorry, Miranda Cosgrove.

A few weeks ago, The Hollywood Gossip staff who would be the next teen sensation to follow in the popular footsteps of Miley Cyrus: Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?

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Because she isn't part of the Disney family, however, we overlooked Cosgrove. Our bad!

This 15-year old has her very own Nickelodeon hit, starring as the title character in iCarly. She's also responsible for a quartet of tracks on the show's soundtrack, causing the inevitable comparisons to Cyrus.

Do you think she'll have a better chance than Lovato or Gomez of striking it rich? Let the debate begin!

Is Miranda Cosgrove the next Miley Cyrus?


Miranda Cosgrove is a really hot chick


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I dont even get why people are even saying all this next Miley Syrus thing about Miranda...... I mean.... She's not even close! If I had to put all my fab singers in order it would be like this----- 1. Selena 2. Demo 3. Miranda and in 4th place..... THAT SLUT BITCH MIlEY SYRUS!!!!! she is so stupid!!! (" -")


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