Miley Cyrus on Condoms: I'll Pass

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An endorsement deal for condoms, that is. Sheesh, people, you think she's going Jamie Lynn Spears on us? Get your minds outta the gutter.

LifeStyles Condoms offered the 15-year-old starlet $1 million to be the new "face" of their product. They think that Miley Cyrus, a self-proclaimed virgin, could encourage other teens to at least practice safe sex.

Miley, New Boyfriend?

The VP of marketing for LifeStyles told the New York Daily News:

"With recent reports showing that one out of four teenage girls has an STD and the high level of teenage pregnancy, we believe that Miley Cyrus is both influential and relatable to this afflicted group of people - and the most obvious choice to get the safe sex message out to teens across America."

In addition to $1 million, LifeStyles also offered Miley Cyrus a lifetime supply of condoms. As happy as this would make Lucas Till, a spokesperson for Miley said she's not interested and it's never going to happen. Oh well.


Good for miley for saying no. I mean and i can't see her saying yes anyways. If someone told me that they heard she said yes. I would be like not uh miley isnt like that and i KNOW she isnt. I love miley for being her own person and i support her forever 110%. Her music is INCREDIBLE and the new c.d is the best out of all her c.d.s.She's my Role Model and Idol


good that she didnt cus
if she had done it little girl would like to buy condoms
we dont want them to do that
cus she giving the messege that girls could have you know wat and little girls look up to her and
little girls r ganna want to have sex now ==[=[ she could die in a painful death
i have her
shes such a whore


thank goodness, she doesn't need the $$$ and her image is having a tough time already


okay... well i agree that miley shouldn't have taken the deal, she gets enough money, and is definetly famous enough.. and i mean really... lifetime supply? please! all that is, is the perfect way to get into her personal life. they'll give her like way more than she needs and then tell people that she asked... or something like that would happen. people who do things like this are good for nothing but to tell people and make rumors. and really miley and all the other young actors and actresses don't need this!!!!! just leave them alone!


hi miley i like your dress and snyckers i wish i lived next to you i mean i loved your concert i wished i was there i loved i 3D i was singing along i love your songns


miley should of done it..since she's bn all slutty pic. ...horny bitch ...since she's bn a roole model to girls ..may b da little girls can buy condoms!!!


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