Love It or Shove It: Miley Cyrus Sunglasses

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In a possible attempt to divert attention from her controversial Miley Cyrus nude - or nearly nude - photo, the singer was recently spotted wearing giant sunglasses.

The pair of shades is larger than the amount of criticism Cyrus received for the aforementioned picture. What do you think of them?

Do you love the look, or should Miley Cyrus shove the sunglasses into the bottom of her junk drawer?

Enormous Sunglasses

LOVE them. Love her.


I think everyone needs to see miley is growing up so stop slagging her.
Everyone makes mistakes and she was probably not too keen on the idea of vanity fair but we are naive teenagers so gget over it
you never made a mistake???
i love miley i think she is inspriational and she always looks fab plus she is always with family
pplus the sunglasses are ace


she's fab with that sunglasses.
but the sunglasses itself stinks!


They would look ridiculous on me, but they look adorable on her!


i think that glasses are fabulous and for a sun like that one is perfect yeah!!!!

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