Love It or Shove It: Lindsay Lohan Dress

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Lindsay Lohan was spotted last night on the red carpet of Sephora's 10th anniversary party in New York City.

Many celebrities came out to honor the cosmetics and beauty line company, though Lohan stood out for a couple of reasons:

Bundled Up Babe
  • The multi-colored, shorter-than-Verne-Troyer dress she had on;
  • The lack of rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson by her side.

Take a look at the ensemble below and give us your thoughts on it:

Millions of men have seen Lindsay Lohan nude. But not many of us have seen her in a rainbow-colored dress.


Hottt dressss


I really like the dress, but I think it will look 10 times better if it was alittle bit longer.


Did Lindsay get Botocks or something, because this picture looks nothing like her unless she's wearing ten times more make up than she usually does. This outfit is totally unlike her and so is that make-up job, but nontheless, she its totally hot!


i like it its cute on her


the dress is gorgeous, the hat however, is NOT!


i think she looks great without sam.. and the dress isn't bad either.


She is still a loser still lying about being sober.
That is the I did coke with Sam before I got here and some alcohol too.


That doesn't even look like Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is a troubled actress that hasn't starred in a mainstream movie in years. The star has been arrested for drug possession... More »
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