Love it or Shove it: Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise Fashion

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Like mother, like daughter!

Like celebrity fashion wreck, like celebrity fashion wreck.

Rihanna in Vogue

The supposed fashionista Katie Holmes and her two-year-old daughter, Suri Curise, stepped out in matching stripe tops in Hollywood on Saturday.

Apparently, they were impersonating zebras ...

What do you think of Katie and Suri's top: Love it or shove it?


i think people is just jelous!!! my daughter is 3 years old and she still has bottle at night to sleep.
They are both just ADORABLE!!!


They are too cute!


How many two year olds are still dragging around a bottle? Take the time out of your busy schedule, Katie, to train you daughter how to drink out of a cup!


i think its sweet and cute. i dont get why people pick on katie and suri, they are adorable.


Anna you are pathetic and vicious, leave her alone, you are just jealous, Right?


melissa I think you have no right to interfere or to say such unkind words to katie, leave her alone she knows what is best for her daughter. I thinks you are just pathetic.


Suri will be an adult and all she will know to do is shop and suck on that bottle.


isnt there some kind of Scientlo-spell they can use to get that bottle out of Suri's mouth? Katie should be ashamed of herself.


I think its adorable

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