Lo and Behold: Lauren Bosworth is Gorgeous!

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As avid fans of The Hills, we've often thought of Lauren Bosworth (Lo) as the sidekick, roomie and BFF of Lauren Conrad (LC), not a star in her own right.

This photo of Lo in a yellow bikini could change that.

Pic of Lo

Seriously, while many of you chose Team Audrina over Team Lo, we're leaning towards the latter these days. Maybe it's the hair. Or the demure smile.

Or the definitive lack of fake boobs.

Either way, check out the Lauren Bosworth picture below ...

HEIDI MONTAG WHO? The Hills has a new bikini babe in Lauren Bosworth.


THAT is a hot picture? She sucks. And a college degree? An assoc in art history? Nice but not exactly rocket science. she still looks like a preemie drag to me...LOL


I love Lo!! Shes kinda different from the other people in The Hills coz she shows more of a personality. I still love all the other people but shes so cool!!


I've been team Lo since back in the LB days! I've always loved her snarky sense of humor and her fashion style. I was so excited when she finally became a part of the Hills. I Love Lo!


Give her credit for just getting a college degree! She's one step up (a big step) from most of those AIRHEADS!


i'm still team audrina...


She's an alright looking girl, I don't watch the hills so I know nothing more about her but she has this weird kinda scrunchi looking face, and they put WAYY too much makeup on her if its supposed to be "on the beach". I doubt she's going to upstage anybody. unlikely


Leave her alone!
She is as cute as can be!
you dont even know her!


AIRBRUSH is all I can say! I do this stuff in school for 4 years, I can tell what's been airbrushed or not.


The body could be legit, the face is fixed up big time.
Her body is nice, not rocking though. Average girl on the street has the same body. No super star. Not super tight or toned.


Idk July, that body does look pretty legit.


Lauren Bosworth Biography

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Filming The Hills
Lauren Bosworth, best known as Lo, became famous on Laguna Beach. She is great friends with Lauren Conrad, and moved in with her former... More »
Laguna Beach, California
Full Name
Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth

Lauren Bosworth Quotes

That melts my little black heart!

Lauren Bosworth [on Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti hanging out again]

Brody's girlfriend is pretty. With very large breasts.

Lauren Bosworth [on Cora Skinner]