Kristy Morgan Breaks the Heart of Tila Tequila

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Kristy Morgan should date Brad Womack.

As millions of shocked women know, the latter reality TV star actually turned down both finalists on The Bachelor a couple seasons ago, making him the scorn of all female existence.

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Last night, meanwhile, Morgan pulled a Womack.

She was chosen as the winner of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila... only to reject the show's star because the script called for it in order to ensure a third season of this dating competition she was confused.

Kristy Morgan once posed nude for Playboy. She really did seem like the perfect mate for Tila Tequila.

One might wonder why Morgan remained on the series given her feelings, or lackthereof.

But that would only be apt if one first accepted the premise that a woman (Tila Tequila) who was famous for posing naked a lot and having a lot of MySpace friends was actually on reality television to find true love (in either a man or a woman!) and not to simply garner as much publicity for herself as possible.


yeah i was sad that she didnt pick dani in the first season and then i was sad when things didnt actually work with bobby but i dont know i think if she really wants to find true love then she shouldnt do it on a reality show because she wont see the true sides of people. but that sucks that kristy did that to her whether it be because of the producers or not.


hey i think this show should have a 3rd becuz i think that she will find the right one soon xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo hang in there girl xoxoxoooxoxoxoxoox


i love Tila but the truth is, the show is totally scripted. they want more "shots of love" and stuff but w.e. i still loveee tila :}


i dont get it, i dont get why tila has no empathy for kristy, since kristy is going through the EXACT same journey that tila's going through. i think tila's too dramatic for her own good when it came down to this, because in the end i dont think she realized other people had feelings involved in this and it wasnt just all about her.


imo i feel like the show is probably scripted.


Kristy did not even take a "shot at love" with Tila, which was the whole purpose of the show. She didn't even try out the relationship with Tila and so I don't understand why she even turned down the key in the end. It may have worked out, it may not have but the point is, Kristy never even wanted to try. She not only wasted Tila's heart and time but she also didn't consider any of the other contestants' feelings.


That was awesome!!! Tila was "heartbroken" bitch got what she deserved! Too bad this isnt real but all fake. however if it was real by any measly chance, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Tila is so egotistical, someone needs to put that bobble head slut in place.


I think what kristy did was f#**## up. Why did she still accept the key if she wasn't sure what she wanted this all because she just wants fame she's a fake person. Tila only wanted love I guess it just wasn't at the right time for tila. and kristy exercise on that jiggly butt.


My opinion does not matter in any way but i personally think it was very childish of tila for acting the way she did on the last reunion show...she wouldnt even give kristy the chance to explain...tila just kept talking over top of her, its to bad that when tila doesnt get her way she has to act like that!!! everyone gets their heart broken... she needs to quit having a pitty party!!


Tila is honestly all about herself. In all her dating shows she talks about herself and the feelings she has for everyone else on the show or the feelings she doesnt have for someone, but she never cares about how all the other people are feeling. She is just doing these shows for publicity.

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