John McCain Likens Barack Obama to... Britney Spears!

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Presidential candidate John McCain has released a new ad comparing rival Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and questioning his readiness to lead.

Yes, we're serious.


The aforementioned gossip mainstays appear in a brief montage as a narrator describes Barack Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world."

The narrator then asks "Is he ready to lead?" and proceeds to list off a series of vague positions supposedly held by the Democratic Illinois Senator.


To us, it seems like your boilerplate Republican ad, criticizing the Democrats over taxes, foreign policy, etc. ... with random pics of Britney Spears for good measure.

In short, a vote for Obama is a vote for a girl who shaved her head, was hospitalized for after a psychotic episode, and who eschews pants at nightclubs. Nice!

What are your thoughts on this John McCain ad? We'd love to hear them. And for more from the colliding worlds of celebrity gossip and political news, check out the latest on John Edwards and Rielle Hunter!

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The truth hurts. Feelings won't lead a coutry Obama, experience will


Keep digging your own hole Mcain, dig away..and then when your done, dig some more! Then people will see you for the out of touch, classist, vindictive old fart that you are!


as for any sensitivity to Britney's problems, what do you expect from a guy who, in an interview, publicly called his wife the C WORD?


Obama for '08... The ad was simply ridiculous n of course tooooo childish for anyone, not to mention for a 72-year-old men like him.


Pathetic. McCain is even dummer than W.


I think John is very immature and pathetic. I think this was a very low move to insult 2 people who have absolutely nothing to do with his campaign is just pathetic. I especially dislike the Britney comment because that was a very serious situation. She was having some mental issues and that should never be taken lightly.


stfu mccain! NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA '08!!!!!!!!!!!